Zionsville Lighting Center


All chandelier repairs are done by appointment only. 

Please email a photo of your chandelier along with the measurements and the repairs need to: john@zionsvillelightingcenter.com We will notify you when your item is to be added to the schedule.  Thank you. 

Repair and restoration

The lighting restoration and repair workroom at Zionsville Lighting is managed by co-owner John Spurgeon. With 35 years of experience, John performs restoration and repair on all types of lighting fixtures with safe and established procedures. John and his staff offer a complete line of services in lighting rewiring, cleaning, repair of broken parts and restoration. Table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces and chandeliers, new or old, are repaired and rewired with the greatest attention for your safety and preservation of value. No job is too small. Zionsville Lighting will do the simplest rewiring of a table lamp or disassemble, clean, repair and rewire the most intricate chandeliers. The restoration of antique lighting is our passion. Work on antiques is done with great attention to preservation of value, patina and respect of original artisan workmanship. The integrity of antique lighting is maintained with the use of new electric components retrofitted in our workroom to fit old fixtures. Our goal is to present the most historically accurate look with the priority of electrical safety. We have collected antique parts for many years to help us recreate the look that may be missing from an antique lighting fixture. We have restored and rewired lamps, sconces and chandeliers in many landmark buildings and homes in the Indianapolis area. Our clients include the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Allison Mansion at Marian University, Indiana & Purdue Universities, Indianapolis Propyleaum and Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana.